Complaints Procedure


BOP Therapy Foundation believes that your satisfaction as a client is extremely important.


While some issues are easily resolved by talking about them with your counsellor, sometimes we need to know what went wrong so that we can work with you to fix the problem and make sure it does not happen again.


If you are not satisfied with the counselling you are receiving, you can contact us and request placement with another counsellor.

If there is any aspect of the service that you have received that you are not happy with, you can provide feedback confidentially about your concerns using one of the options listed below:


- Talk with your counsellor about your concerns. This may be enough to sort out the problem


- Complete and submit the BOP Therapy Foundation Client Evaluation form. Click here to complete.


- Email us outlining your concerns -


- From the information provided on the “Contact us” page on our website phone one of our Executive Members to voice your concerns.


- Discuss the issues with a person you trust that can advocate on your behalf and ask them to investigate the issues with BOP Therapy Foundation




Formal Complaint


Alternatively if you would like to make a formal complaint include as much detail about the issue as you are comfortable to share and let us know what you think was wrong with the service you received and send it to:



Send to:

Subject: Complaint



Complaints Committee

Bay Of Plenty Therapy Foundation

P O Box 13624

Tauranga Central 3141


When you first contact BOP Therapy Foundation with a formal complaint we will ensure that:

- Your complaint is registered


- Your concerns are heard and documented


- Your complaint is investigated promptly


- The facts will be reviewed in consultation with the relevant counsellor and responses considered


- Any other relevant information is considered


- Issues of professional misconduct are referred to the relevant disciplinary body


When the investigation is completed, BOP Therapy Foundation will send you a formal response outlining our findings and any actions/remedies that we think need to be taken. If you are satisfied with the outcome, no further action will be taken.


If you are not satisfied with the outcome of BOP Therapy Foundation’s investigation you may ask BOP Therapy Foundation to have the complaint reviewed by an independent reviewer or third party. We would then seek your agreement to the identity of the reviewer before proceeding any further.




Counselling Registration Bodies


Irrespective of the outcome of BOP Therapy Foundation’s internal investigations, you may complain directly to a statutory body at any time before, during or after the investigation into this matter.


- If you are complaining about an issue of professional practice, you may direct a formal complaint to the licencing body, such as NZ Association of Counsellors, New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association or NZ Psychological Board. BOP Therapy Foundation website counsellor profiles state which professional body they belong to.


Counselling Registration Bodies


New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association

Phone: 09 361 4183




NZ Association of Counsellors

Phone: 07 834 0220




New Zealand Psychological Board

Phone: 0800 471 4580

Email via:



New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists

Phone: 04 801 6088




- Other avenues for a formal complaint include statutory bodies such as the Health and Disability Commissioner, The Human Rights Commissioner, and The Privacy Commissioner.


Statutory Bodies


Health and Disability Commissioner

Phone: 0800 555 050




Human Rights Commissioner

Phone: 0800 496 877




Privacy Commissioner

Phone: 0800 803 909





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