About Us


Developing well balanced and thriving individuals, children and families 
We will achieve this vision through our mission:


Providing access to fully funded, subsidised or private counselling with general or specialist professional therapists 


BOP Therapy Foundation was set up in 1992 by a small group of counsellors and therapists concerned that some people, especially parents and children, were falling 'through the cracks' and were unable to access counselling due to their financial circumstances.

Counsellors recognised the need for short term counselling to give people ideas about changing their situation or dealing differently with a problem.

Our Structure

Bay of Plenty Therapy Foundation is an Incorporated Society and a registered Charity (CC41185).

Counsellors are selected for their expertise, become members of the organisation and contract to service clients that qualify for funded counselling through BOP Therapy Foundation. 
Each counsellor also has their own private practice.

The Executive Committee for Bay of Plenty Therapy Foundation are:  

How to Access Counselling

The process to access funded counselling is really simple. Clients can refer themselves or be referred by any health professional, social service agency or support person.
  1. Check your eligibility
  2. Contact a counsellor directly

After Counselling

Once you have completed counselling your feedback regarding our service is invaluable so that we can make sure we are meeting the needs of the community. It also helps us to demonstrate to our funders that what we do is making a positive difference. Please click here for Evaluation options.
Please feel free to contact us or click here to download a brochure.
Bay of Plenty Therapy Foundation

PO Box 13624, Tauranga Central, Tauranga 3141    Email: info@boptherapyfoundation.co.nz